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fellow club members, coaches and OUSC player-families:

Last Saturday evening, September 25th, our club had the pleasure of not only hosting over 130 people from across the greater ENY soccer community, but the opportunity to say THANK YOU!, to Joe Goldberg for his years of commitment, leadership, and passion to the both the game of soccer and the youth and community of Oceanside.

Towards the close of the past spring season, Joe relocated with his wife Miriam to Bloomfield, Connecticut providing a chance for them to be closer to immediate family. Until this time, he was continuously involved in our program for more than 48 years.

Many of you may not know Joe well, or perhaps at all, as in recent years health challenges curtailed his active involvement in our program. From time to time, he would attend a club meeting and there were those instances and glimpses of that persona which helped put OUSC on the course it has carried forward 48 years hence .. those who knew him best, would say that Joe, more than any other single person, willed Oceanside United into existence.

Please take a moment to access the links below to read the article and column penned by long-time soccer writer Michael Lewis (NY Daily News, CNN/SI) who attended the evening's festivities. I believe it will give you a sense of the respect, honor, and history that was on display last Saturday evening;

THANK YOU, JOE Oceanside United celebrates Goldberg's 48 years in soccer

Oceanside United scores a goal with Joe Goldberg dinner

Yes, It truly was a very special night and I believe that Joe and Miriam were deeply touched by the warmth, adulation, respect and love that was self-evident in the room that night. As Joe's daughter Julie told me, he was quite moved by the evenings festivities and, yes, there were a even a few tears in his eyes.

My congratulations and thanks, also go to the dinner committee; Brian Trager, Bill McAssey, Ian McDougall, Jim Volpe and Mario Gentile - who did an outstanding job in putting together an all-around incredible event.

We are all so fortunate to be a part of the legacy that Joe. Ian McDougall, Bessie Lamonica, et al, and all and that have come before, have given and entrusted to us ... Let us all remind ourselves as such when the orange & blue takes to the pitch this coming weekend ... Enjoy the fruits of their labour and the beautiful game!

Yours in soccer,

Steve Padaetz
President, OUSC



Joe and Miriam Goldberg