At the Annual Meeting of Members held on Thursday, May 18th, the Oceanside United Soccer Club membership elected four new members to the Board of Directors: Kevin Igoe, Ed Kircher, Mike Meagher, and Dennis Smith, replacing departing Directors Albert Haft, Bill McAssey, and Jim Volpe, who decided not to re-run for their seats on the Board. Re-elected to the Board were Leo Bonacasa and Peter Gilbert. All will serve a two year term that expires in May, 2008.

Prior to these elections, Director Carlos Molina announced he was stepping down from the Board with one year remaining on his two year term and Brian Trager was elected to finish this term that expires in May, 2007 in a special separate election.

After election of the Directors, the membership voted for officers for the coming (2006-07) season.

Congratulations to all.

The club wishes to thank Albert, Bill, Carlos, and Jim for their dedication and hard work for the many years they served on the Board.

The Directors and Officers for the 2006-2007 season can be found by clicking on the "ABOUT OUSC" and then "DIRECTORS & OFFICERS" buttons on the left menu bar.