Helpful Hints (Game time)

  1. Don't dribble when you can make a constructive pass or cross.
  2. Move to the open spot (space) away from your opponent so you are in a better position to receive the ball.
  3. As a defender, when you are under extreme pressure, don’t be afraid to kick the ball down field or over the touch line.
  4. When the ball is lost, all forwards should think defensively.
  5. Defenders can back pass to the goalkeeper as a safety maneuver. Pass to the outside of the goalmouth.
  6. Make the easy plays.
  7. Players in outside positions should stay wide and close to the touch line. This brings the defenders out from the middle of the field and allows more open space for your attack.
  8. Don't be afraid to talk to your teammates on the field. Let them know what is happening in the area around them, which their field of vision cannot pick up.
  9. As a defender faced with two or more opponents (attackers), retreat slowly (stopping or slowing down the attacker) giving more time for teammates to come back to help.
  10. Forwards should switch positions at various times during the game with other members of the forward line. This sometimes confuses the defense.
  11. Never retreat with your back to the ball. Watch the ball at all times.
  12. As a defender, stay between ball and goal.
  13. As a defender challenge only when you have a good chance of getting possession of the ball.
  14. Defenders should have restraint and control. Let your opponent commit himself first.
  15. Delaying principles are good tactics in defense. This means slowing down the opponent's forward line.
  16. Back up teammates and help cover the space behind fellow players.
  17. Always move toward the pass, don't wait for the pass to come to you.
  18. An important thing to learn is quickness off the mark. The first three or four steps are all important in soccer. Beat your opponent to the ball.
  19. What you do without the ball is as important as what you do with the ball.
  20. A well-placed shot is more effective than a hard shot at the goal.
  21. An effective player is always in good physical shape.
  22. Play the ball, not the man. (You cannot play the man and the ball at the some time).
  23. Respect the referee's decision.