Tips To Stand Out At Soccer Tryouts

Tryouts can be intimidating for soccer players at any level. As with any sport, coming into tryouts prepared will give you the best chance of making the team. Here are a few easy tryout tips from CoachUp for every soccer player to follow.

Jog, Don't Walk

Whenever moving between water breaks and different drills, make sure you are jogging instead of walking. This is a simple, yet effective way to show the coach that you are eager to play. No coach wants a player who looks lazy or tired!

Don't Sit and Socialize Before the Beginning of a Tryout

Before the tryout starts, grab a friend and start passing the ball back and forth. This shows initiative, and will catch the coach’s attention. If he notices you before the tryout even begins, he is more likely to remember you for the rest of the tryout.

If You Lose the Ball, Immediately Try To Win It Back

This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised by the number of soccer players that lose the ball and just give up. If the opponent steals the ball from you, try to win it back and regain possession for your team. This demonstrates to the coach that you are hard working and do not give up easily.

If You Get Knocked Down, Be Quick To Get Back Up

This tip is beneficial for everyone from youth soccer players to professionals. We often see soccer players on TV who get knocked down, then exaggerate their opponent’s tackle by playing on the ground. Meanwhile, their team is a man down and at a disadvantage. Getting up right after a fall shows your toughness and positive attitude. Returning to play as quickly as possible helps put your team in a better position to succeed.

Know When To Be Selfish With The Ball

Many soccer players fall in two categories at tryouts. The first are the ball hogs that try to show off by keeping the ball instead of passing. The second are the "give it away" players, who are always passing the ball, even when they have space to dribble. The key is to find a balance between these two extremes. At tryouts it’s important to show the coach that you are a good passer and team player, but also demonstrate your skill and confidence with the ball.

Be Vocal

Being vocal is a clear indication of your leadership skills on the field. It often helps soccer players be more comfortable in the game and with the players around them. Talking with your teammates will help you let go of any nervousness that may be holding you back from playing to your true potential.