Intramural Coaches Information Sheet

Coaches Information Sheet

Pre-Season Information.

    • Please make contact with all of the families on your roster immediately by phone and if possible by e-mail. Since the first games of the season begin on 4/6, you must make arrangements to get together with your team for a practice and to hand out the schedule/parent letters in advance of week 1.
    • All games will be played on Saturday. If more than 1 weekend is rained out during the season we will consider trying to schedule a Sunday makeup session at a later date to be determined if school field permits are available.
    • OUSC, in conjunction with the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” that has been adopted to prevent both verbal and physical abuse on the soccer fields across Long Island. The policy applies to all coaches, players, parents, spectators, referees and other supporters. Since this policy impacts all of you we would ask that you please read the policy carefully. It can be found under the “Forms & Downloads” banner, under “Zero Tolerance Policy”.
    • Saturday, April 27th will be “Players Only Weekend” (POW) across all of Long Island. POW was implemented to allow the children a weekend in which they simply play their games with little to no instruction by coaches (other than making substitutions) and quiet spectator sidelines other than applauding for the teams during play. OUSC will honor POW on April 27th and will be reminding all of our Coaches, parents and spectators to please do the same.

    • Coaches are expected to hold one practice per week on Monday through Friday evenings or on Sundays, with the practices scheduled at the coach’s convenience. All practices MUST be held at School #9, Boardman Middle School. Intramural practices may not be done at any other location in Oceanside, including the Schoolhouse Green. We do not have the permit to use Boardman until 6 PM and I do receive calls from the district each time a team is found on the field earlier than 6:00 PM.
    • Players should be instructed to come prepared for all games and practices. All players must wear shin guards with socks over the guards and cleats. If a child is wearing baseball, softball or football cleats, they will not be allowed to participate as they pose a danger to other players.
    • Inform your parents that each player must bring a ball and a water bottle with them as well.
    • Do not allow yourself to be a babysitter. At least 1-2 parents, if not more, must stay at the field during practices in the event of inclement weather or should a player or coach suffer an injury.
    • In Division 1,2 & 3 we will ask the age group Coordinators to implement group practices sessions so that at least 2 or more teams meet to practice at the field at one time. This allows for larger groups to work together and also provide for some flexibility for parents who may not be able to make their particular coaches practice sessions.
      Game Day:
    • Coaches and players should arrive at least 20 minutes before game time to warm-up and get prepared for their game. If you are the coach of a team that has the first game of the day at 9:00 AM, you must be at the field between 8:15-8:30 AM to put up your goals. We will shorten the games in order to maintain our schedule if your goals are not set on time.
    • The first teams to play on a given day will be responsible for setting up the goals and flags on that particular field. The last teams of the day on the field will be responsible for breaking down the equipment and storing it properly back in the equipment shed. If anyone thinks they may be missing equipment from their bag, please advise your Division Coordinator immediately. Coordinator information will be on our web site ( Please check your schedule carefully to see if you are responsible for setup or breakdown.
    • Player equipment. Items not allowed: jewelry of any kind, including chains, bracelets (rubber as well), earrings, casts or splints (even padded), eye glasses and sun glasses. Even if taped, earrings cannot be worn. Chewing gum during the game is not allowed. Due to safety concerns, all children wearing corrective lenses/eye glasses must use athletic safety goggles.
    • In cases of severe inclement weather prior to the start of the days games, a determination will be made be made between 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM by the Intramural Directors as to whether games will be played that day. In the event that games will be canceled, the Directors will notify the age group coordinators, who notify the coaches, with the coaches calling their players
    • Information on weather related cancellations and field closures are also updated on our website at, or may be obtained by calling our hotline at 516-764-FEET, and listening to the recorded announcement
    • Soccer is a game that is played, often at times regardless of rain, wind or cold. Parents should not assume that games are canceled until they are informed as such. Should severe weather arise in the middle of game play, the Coordinator will make a decision to halt games for a 15 minute period or suspend play all together. In the event that lightning is sighted, all play must be halted immediately and the games in progress will be stopped for safety reasons. Parents will be instructed to return to their cars and wait 15 minutes to see if the rain/storm passes or not.
    • Each day there will be at least one Coordinator on site at the field, as well as experienced coaches. Should you require any assistance or have any questions, look for the Coordinator of the day. Coordinators can be found wearing Orange Shirts or Jackets for easy identification.
    • Referees are assigned games in all age groups except Pee Wee’s and Division 1/U6. The referees and the calls they make during a game must be respected. If you have a question, address it with the referee at halftime or after the game, in a calm and respectful manner. While our referees are teenagers, they may often know more about the rules of the game than some coaches. Verbal or physical abuse of a referee will not be tolerated.
    • If a referee is not on the field at the scheduled start time of your game, seek out a coordinator or field supervisor (in orange) for assistance, or the coaches may referee the game yourselves.
    • Stress to the players and their families that NO SCORES ARE KEPT in intramural play. This is an instructional program which should be both fun and educational.
    • Coaches may at time have to control not only the players, but their families as well. Player’s families should be reminded that coaching from the parents sideline is not allowed. While they may cheer on a team or player, they must refrain from providing instruction or critiquing their child’s play.
    • Please have the parents on one side of the field and your team on the other. Only Risk Management approved coaches are allowed on the team sideline….no exceptions. Spectators are not allowed near or behind the goals.
    • Regardless of playing ability, all players deserve to be out on the field actively playing for approximately 50% of a game.
    • Coaches MUST avoid running up the score of game against your opponent at all costs. If your team has a 3 goal lead, it is up to you as the coach to control the game. No more than a 3-4 goal differential should take place in any game. Coaches can make restrictions during the game. Coaches must never “bench” a player if they score too often.
    • Players must shake hands after the game as a sign of good sportsmanship. Inappropriate behavior during the hand shake will not be tolerated.
    • Players, coaches and parents are EXPECTED TO CLEAN UP after their game before leaving the field.
    • First Aid kit and Ice Packs are available at the equipment shed. In the event of an injury that may be deemed serious, do not attempt to move the player and call 911 immediately.

Saturday June 1st is the last game of the Spring Season and is also the date of our Annual Soccer Festival. Following your team’s game, please bring your players to the bandstand, where you will present them with a Trophy and a T-Shirt! Players will also be given tickets for a free soda and hotdog at the field and are welcome to stay and enjoy the activities onsite that day. This is a day in which the Club and our Staff give back to the players to thank them for all of their hard work! This is a great day for the kids but takes a tremendous amount of work, and coaches are asked to volunteer their time during the day. As we get closer, emails will go out soliciting help. Please make yourself available to help some part of the day.

Communication is extremely important. Please feel free to pass on your thoughts and suggestions as well as feedback from the players’ families.

Please check this website often. We typically post all announcements on our website and send blast e-mails to coaches and players families.

Mike O’Malley

Intramural Program Director

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Kristin Nestico

Girls Program Director

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Graeme & Ruth Hepburn

Boys Program Director

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For more information or questions, please call our Soccer Hotline at (516) 764-FEET (3338).