1. Coaches and spectators may not come on the field (or step on the lines) during the game except with the referee's permission.
  2. There should be no yelling or conversation between you and the other team during the game.
  3. Coaches & spectators must stand on the sidelines & cannot stand behind the end lines.

Five Things You Should Or Should Not Do At A Match

  1. Give only positive encouragement and instruction of your players from the sidelines. Negative criticism, hostility, abuse or anger are things you should not do. You are a role model and must set the example of good sportsmanship and insist upon it from your team.
  2. Cheering when the other team makes a mistake is bad. Cheering when the other team makes a great play is good.
  3. Never criticize the referee. It is a tough job. If an appealable mistake is made, the coach can talk to the referee and after the game. Remember, you are the role model and must set the standard for behavior. It is good to thank the referee and linesmen after the game.
  4. You should stay at least 2 steps back from the sideline during games so you don't block the Assistant Referee's view of the line.
  5. Don't run up the score. It's not good for either team if the game is a mismatch, but sometimes it happens. If your team gets 5 goals ahead, you should be a good sport & look for ways to make it more difficult for your players to score, such as:
    1. Putting your weakest scorers up front (use this as an opportunity to let them be forwards).
    2. Pulling a player off the field & "play short". If it is still a mismatch, pull off another player.
    3. Telling your players they must complete X umber of consecutive passes before shooting.
    4. Telling them they can only take shots from outside the Penalty Area.