Oceanside United Tournaments

Oceanside United hosts multiple tournaments each year. An indoor tournament, held each January-February, and 2 outdoor tournaments in early Spring and over Labor Day weekend. In addition to providing outstanding competition, and serving as the primary resources which fund the club's Scholarship Program, each tournament also honors the memory of a OUSC family member.

In 2021, OUSC will celebrate our 54th Annual Indoor Tournament. The Rudy Lamonica Memorial Tournament is the oldest indoor youth soccer tournament in the United States.

OUSC will introduce the Inaugural Bessie Lamonica Spring Tournament to honor our Girls Soccer Program founder, Bessie Lamonica who recently passed away. The tournament is being prepared to kick-off the weekend of March 20th-21st, 2021. 

The Bob Schrager Memorial Long Island Cup Labor Day weekend Tournament, hosted over 200 teams at outdoor venues in Nassau County. This tournament has traditionally drawn U8-U19 travel age teams from across Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York City, Upstate NY, New Jersey and Canada.

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  2021 Bessie Lamonica Inaugural Tournament Schedule






March 20, 2021 (Girls) March 21, 2021 (Boys)

Rules of the Game: The rules of FIFA will be enforced except as modified herein for indoor play. All calls are at the discretion of the referee and the decision of the referee is final. The OUSC Tournament/Event Directors reserve the right to decide all matters pertaining to this event including interpretation, review and revision of all rules contained herein. In all cases, the decision of the Directors is final. Coaches are responsible for all players and spectators associated with their respective teams and may be cautioned or ejected for abusive behavior (ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY STRICTLY ENFORCED). Only players, coaches and event staff will be permitted on the field and in player bench areas. All other spectators must remain within the designated spectator area.

Eligibility: Open to registered and insured travel teams of a participating and sanctioned US Soccer youth organization. Photocopies of birth certificates or player passes must be presented for all players, and players on a team must all have passes issued by the same governing body. No player will be permitted to play if they do not have a pass issued by the same governing body as the rest of the players. Each team must supply at check-in, a completed player roster that clearly shows each player’s name and jersey number. A player may only play for one team during a session. Any players that are deemed to be ineligible to play will be prohibited from participation in any games during the entire tournament. Three guest players will be permitted per team, but only with proper forms completed, and only if they have a pass from the same governing body as the rest of the players on the team.

Registration & Coaches Meeting: ALL teams must have a representative present to register their team a half-hour before the session begins (not a half hour before team’s first game). All documents required (See “Eligibility” section above) must be presented at that time, and no player will be permitted to play without proper documents. In addition, there will be a coaches meeting, that each team coach or assistant must attend, about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

No Headers for U11 or Under: For U11 and under there will be no headers permitted. There will be no intentional heading of the ball in any U11 and younger matches. Any infraction results in an indirect free kick from midfield for opposing team.

Dress Code: Teams are required to have matching uniforms, and all players MUST wear shin guards, under their socks. No earrings, necklaces, bracelets or jewelry of any kind may be worn. No players will be allowed to play wearing a hard cast or hard brace of any kind. All teams must have an alternate jersey in the event of a conflict, in which case the visiting team must change. All Goalies must wear a jersey that does not match their own team, or conflict with the field colors of the opposing team. Only Goalkeepers will be allowed to wear pants of any kind.

Game Format: All teams will play three 40 games in a round robin format. There will be no stoppage of the clock except for extended player injuries, at tournament officials discretion, no halftime breaks. There will be no playoffs, after each team in the bracket plays their three (3) games, the champion and runner-up will be given awards. Each team will be expected to be ready to play five (5) minutes before the start of each of their games. U10: 14 player max roster/2 guest players allowed U11-U12: 18 player max roster/3 guest players allowed U13-U19: 22 player max roster/4 guest players allowed Substitutions:

Substitutions may be made at any dead ball or stoppage, subject to the approval of the referee.

Start of Play: The home team will kick off. A kick off is an indirect free kick. All balls used for games will be supplied by the tournament. 

Slide Tackling: There will be NO SLIDE TACKLING. An indirect kick will be awarded at the point of the infraction.

Forfeits: If a team is not prepared to take the field at game time, they will forfeit the game and be charged with a 2- 0 loss.

Point System: Win =6 points, Tie =3 points Loss = 0 points Goals Scored - Each team receives one point for each goal scored (to a maximum of 3 per game per team) Shutout – 1 poin Any team scoring six or more goals more than its opponent will lose one point for each goal in excess of five.

Tiebreakers: The team with the most points in a group will win the bracket taking 1st place. In the event of a tie, the following system shall apply to determine the standings:

1) Winner of Head to Head competition (not used if more than two teams are tied)

2) Most Wins

3) Least Goals Against (max 3 considered)

4) Most Shutouts

5) Goal Differential (max 3 considered)

6) Running up Score. Any team that wins any game by a 5 or more goal differential shall lose in tie-breaker to any team that has not done so. In the event both teams in a tiebreaker have won games by a 5 or more goal differential, if one team has won more games than the other by more than a 5 goal differential, that team shall lose in the tiebreaker to the team that has done so in fewer games.

7) Co-champions/runner-ups will be awarded if a tie still exists after all of the other tiebreakers.

Awards: First and Second Place Awards will be given to the teams that finish with the most and second most amount of points after each bracket. MVP award (the Bessie) will also be awarded. Awards may be handed out to the team coach on site or provided by mail after the tournament.

Facility Rules: Each player is allowed no more than two parent/spectators to be present with them. Masks must be worn by all players, coaches and spectators other than the players participating on the field. Fields are all part of a no smoking facility. The only place smoking is permitted is in the parking lot, at least 10 feet from the entrance, or in indicated areas.

Refund Policy: If circumstances beyond control of tournament management force event to be canceled, at least 70% of entry fee will be returned. No refunds for any other reason.

Good luck, thank you for your support, and have a great tournament!




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